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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  November 11, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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a neighborhood decimated by an explosion and fire, mystery surrounds what sparked it. democrats have a super majority in california. the bay area honors veterans with parades and a new memorial and two world war ii veterans share their stories with us. good evening. a massive explosion that could be felt for miles. the resulting fire destroyed homes in a two block hadeious. nobody seems to know what caused the blast in an indianapolis neighborhood. it could take weeks to figure it out. >> reporter: an explosion leveled homes in the middle of a neighborhood, killing at least two people and injuring several others. the force of the blast knocked garage doors off of their tracks, shattered windows and took siding from houses. >> there are homes that will have to be torp down.
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there are homes that can beip -- torn down there are homes that be can inhabited in the next day or so but we are examining them. >> reporter: the damage is massive. >> this house is one of the homes that caught fire. people say they felt the blast as far as three miles away. >> reporter: the explosion happened at 11:00. >> watching tv and a loud explosion, things falling off of the walls. >> reporter: everyone ran outside to help. >> we heard people yelling, we want in. pulled out two daughters and then the head was trapped in a lot of debris and got him out and then the wife was trapped in a recliner, got her out. >> reporter: they searched the damaged homes and say everyone is a -- a counted for. some residents began to return home on suspend. but it could take weeks to
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determine the cause of the explosion. back to you. >> here in the bay area dramatic rescue from the burning house. it happened at a duplex shortly after 10:00 last night. the sheriff's deputies pulled a 20-year-old woman and a 1-year- old boy from the fire as well as two dogs. fire officials say the fire apparently started in outside garbage can before spreading to the house. as many as six people who live thr-d -- lived there have to find somewhere else to stay. now, more on the cia. the fbi did not tell the committee it was investigating david petraeus. he resigned after his affair was uncovered. a senior military official said broadwell sent threatening e-
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mails to jill kelly. kelly and pe it traeus were friends and saw each other often. >> this is something that could of had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it and that is just to inform the chair and the vice chair man of both committees. >> when she was briefed she was told they were close. feinstein add there was no connection between the resignation and attack on diplomats on september 11th. california democrats have a sup iser majority in the state leg -- super majority in the electric lature. does that mean they can do whatever they want? it is not that that simple. >> you know, there seems to be a buzz right now that not unlike 6th graders home alone on a friday night, we are going to raise every tax and burn down the house. >> reporter: the state senator assured us that was not the case this morning on cbs 5. but
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with the super majority in sacramento democrats can soon pass bills and a mend the constitution without a single -- a mend the constitution without a single republican vote. >> behave addition and subtrabgsz subtraction. there are difresidence -- differences between the democrats. >> you have to be clevor and cold blooded. >> reporter: willie brown has advice. find your own miniy majority. >> don't stay within the party. look for those five republicans who are mistreated by their leadership when they were in charge and they can now obviously gain favors. >> reporter: the chairman of the state republican party says leaders will be spectators over the next two years. >> there will be more job night, the economy down in two years, people will want answers. republicans not only need to have the answers but they have
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to spend the time in the districts, today. >> as for the governor his own party now has the ability to override his vetoes and the ability to raise taxes on their own. >> the only way to raise a tax is to ask the people. >> reporter: they say they will close the tax loopholes but their focus is not on increasing taxes the republicans call that a bluff. >> the first taxip crease, the next is never the last tax increase. >>reporter: the last time california had had a super majority was back in 1933. that time it was the republicans in power. the new legislatures will be sworn in on december 1st. in the news room, back to you. president barack obama marked veterans day at arlington national cemetery. the president, vice president and their wives took part in the traditional wreath laying ceremony of the tomb of the unknown. afterwards he noted it is the first veterans day in a decade
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there are no americans fighting in iraq. >> after a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. and over the next few years more than a million -- million service members will take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role, they will be veterans. >> reporter: the president promised veterans the country will be there for them as they transition into civilian life. a veteran's monument, nears in the making is now a reality. everyone was there for today's formal dedication at castro memorial park. it honors service members from all four military branches and coast guard and merchant marines. they raise today $200 million to raise it and now collecting donations to maintain it. san josa held its 94th annual veteran's day parade.
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one of the biggest of its kind in northern california. the openinger is ing ceremony took place this morning in honor of the 1918armesis it t. signed on the eleventh hour, of the 11th day of the eleventh month. the parade went down-market street. it was a beautiful day for a parade in san francisco as people lined the streets for this year's annual veteran's day absolute. hundreds of veterans took part in a march down-market street. it honored more than 40 bay area veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. sanfrancisco mayor there was to show support. resist it, day-by-day. until we get home. >> he was among those who fought for our freedom. the first-hand a couldn't --
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account of the bay area bulge ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lives to protect our libert. cbs 5 reporter ann makovec brings us the story of two h n from palo alto on this veterans day we are honoring those who protected our liberties. we have the story of two such
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men from palo alto. >> one night there was a big explosion. everybody rushed to the docks. the crew shift had been torpedoes. >> a world war ii shet ran. he was part of the 106 division. he remembers vividly the night when u.s. ships were attacked in the english channel. >> bodies were floating all over. people still alive, if you did not try your best people were going to die. >> only 18, he became a hero that night. >> i got into a rowboat and started pulling people out. and, and it it was -- it was horror, complete horror to see people like that. >> he was scared to go into battle buy he believed it was the right thing to do. >> the stories that came out of germany were horrific.
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and, being able -- being of the jewish faith it effected me more that somebody else. you were either dead or alive. basically. we patched up a few. >> this 94-year-old resident served as the doctor in the philippines during world war ii. >> there is an enemy there. either we won a war or we wound up dead or slaves. that was our option. >> he says being a physician during the war saved his life. >> if i had not been in a hospital or a raidology, i would have been in an aid station which means i would have been in the frontlines. >> reporter: even though he did not fight any battles the war was still a difficult time for him. he left his pregnant wife behind to serve his country.
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>> you are half living. your wife is not there. you are existing. that is about what we did. we existed. day-by-day. until we could get home. >> the war is hell. you never know from one second to the next. >> reporter: herman survived nearly two years in the war. got out, got married, and has been with his wife for 66 years. as for leland his wife passed away six years ago. veterans day is just another day, the past is his present. >> i have that huge bank of memories. that is what i live on. >> both men will be honored tomorrow morning. for the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everyone. after an unseasonably cool weekend, now the days you will need an umbrella. the pin point forecast as eyewitness news continues right
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here on cbs 5 ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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to an end -- wildfire seaso. state fire officials say itl en for as we approach the busy holiday season, wildfire season comes to an end. the officials say it tell end at 8:00 tomorrow morning for much of the south bay and east bay. cal fire says cooler temperatures and rape this past week reduced wildfire danger. the declaration ends the bay area burn suspension that has been in effect since may 25th. for the first time in more than a quarter century.
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marin county has a skating rink. believed to be the first one set up since an indoor one close inside 1985. you can represent skates and hit the -- you can rent skates and hit the ice for $15 a person. yes. we had frost, it got to 30 degrees last night. sapbt rosa at 32. -- santa rosa at 32. good evening, everybody. look at how well we paired after a frosty start in the bay area. highs between 6 and 8 degrees below normal. slightly warmer than yesterday. the middle 50s ark long the seashore. 50, 60, central bay, 62 in san jose. that is not too far off of the mark of average high, 68 degrees, low 60s in santa rosa after, again, a freezing start to the day. and 56 in concord. back through clayton. this is the scene in san francisco.
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66. the temperatures are uniformed due to a lack of win. san jose looking at the hp pavilion. clear skies there. we will noticeip creasing clouds as -- increasing clouds as the night progresses. turning partly cloudy, increasing clouds, starting off partly cloudy, ending mainly cloudy. then, the forecast, wait until you see that. we do have rain in the forecast. very unsettled weather pat upper. tonight, -- pattern. tonight, 35 degrees in napa. not as chilly as in other areas. an area of low pressure, taking with it a smattering of rain, sleet and even snow. and it is clipping the north western quadrent. those areas leading to just the potential of the rain showers by monday night. this area of low pressure is falling apart at the seems. quickly. upper 50s and 60s at the beaches tomorrow. that cloud cover acts like a pwhraeufrpget to the
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temperatures, not as cold as they have been over the weekend. 66 for the outside number. and morgan hill and in gilroy. plat winds for the most part. 65 at the delta. north of the bridge and in the 50s and low 60s. bumping up to 60 degrees in san francisco. average high is 64. i want you to take a very good look at this forecast because it does offer some explaining here. we will be partly sunny on tuesday with the pass aplg of tomorrow's front ask then on wednesday, increasing cloud cover by thursday through suspend, each and every day. we are talking about daily chances of you needing that umbrella with highs in the 50s to middle 60s. the seasonal temperatures, unsettled weather chances. it will roll in one right after the other. >> i will pin it down here. >> do you think the weekend will be a wash out? >> next weekend, a collapse of it. what do you have planned?
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>> nothing now. we do have some of the lightings of the it is coming out and they have skating coming up. downtown san fran. >> yes. okay. the forecast, yes. what do you want? >> i want snow in the mountains for thanksgiving. yes. >> and all right. one second. >> all right. one of the most famous costumes fetched top dollar. i knew dennis wanted to pay attention to this. the dress from the wizard of oz want in auction. and an outfit worn are about marilyn monroe and christopher reeves is superman costume were sold. we don't know what to say about the 9ers game. >> it is bizarre day in football overall. yes. the good news, i think, the 49ers have a good back up quarterback. how many points can the ravens score on the raiders? that was a shocker. you will not believe the end of
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the ram game. plus, alex smith, going down. we will tell you what happened next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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field goals added to just a bizare day between the 49erd rams at candlestick park to. the fly over was the only tg ooked in sync to an injured quarterback, add to a bizarre day between the 49ers and the rams. late 1st quarter, rams up 7-0. up the gut. rams scored on the first two
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drives. going 14-0. and they it got worse. smith is forced to run here. goes into a slide and it is hit hard in the back of the head. surprisingly, smith stayed in the game but he did not stay for long. 2nd quarter now. smith fines grabtree, a beautiful move. he scores on a 14-yard play. 14-7. but, after the drive, smith, you got a concussion and his day is done. so, he replaces him. 4th quarter. he gets to the outside. and he scores an 8 yard run. 49ers are down 17-14. the coming of age as a young quarterback. there goes frank gore. they lead. you figure this defense holds the rams, right? no. sam bradford finds austin with 2 yards scored. with 1:01 left they take the lead. but they got san francisco if
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field goal range we go to overtime. acres from 41. no. and the game continues. rams next drive. their rookie kicker. greg, from 58. no. and the game ends in a tie. 24-24. the first tie in the nfl since the 2008. the 9ers first tie since when? >> 1986 when they played atlanta the game ended -- okay. that is enough. okay. [ laughter ] the ravens game was not as close as the 49ers match up. far from it. oak land is spiraling down. no win in sight. lewis, out for the year did not need him today. the second quarter, raiders down. they need a spark, any spark. michael huff gave it to him. led to the field goal.
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it was 10-3. 20-3 late in the 1st half. palmer, to hayward bay. watch him break his tackle, right heir. 55 yard touchdown and the raiders cut the lead to 10. i want to show you a play that is as it all about this defense. look at ray. he almost skips into the end zone. come on. twefp-10 at half time. do you thank was easy? i got another one for you. second half, he falls to smith. is there anyone in the area? it can not be serious, a break down in coverage. down 41-17, baltimore holding now. now, alan was embarrassed today by baltimore. 55-20. 55 points, allowed a franchise record. tied a franchise record set in 1981. it is messed up, we don't want
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to lose. we go out every game trying to win ask try to prove something out here on the field. but, it happens, you know, they were better than us today. >> rough, rough, rough, rough game. you know, we did not play any good in any facet of the game. came in and got out ask played by a good football team. >> by the end of day it is my job to make sure the team is ready to play and my job to make sure we execute our job on the football field. we did not do that today. that ultimately lies with me. and, i have got to do a better job with getting our team ready to play. nascar team stopped to chase each other. the second of the last race of the year. lap 235. johnson hits the wall. he finished 32nd. clint bowyer and jeff gordon wreck. it leads to this. is this great?
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fist are flying. it is fantastic. okay. back to the racing, kevin harvick would end the race and then bag a wreck behind him. next week season finale. crazy day in sports. >> all right, thank you very much, dennis. after a week on the picket lines, a glimmer of hope. the latest on the reassumption of contract talks and why the union is telling the employees to stay the course. we will have that and more coming up in 30 minutes. that is it for us. we will see you back here in half an hour and 10:00 and 11:00. updates on our web site. these two will continue to talk about ties in the nf stphraorbgs we need our own sports talk. yes. let's do it
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